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Sealing and Staining


We offer a variety of deck treatments as well as staining and Sealing.


Following the cleaning, you may want a preventative sealer or a color paint or stain to your deck, we have a number of choices to choose from:


1. Clear Sealer: Sealing is basically a clear oil-based product, which soaks into the wood and prevents water from penetrating deep into the boards. Water will bead on the surface for some time, but then the surface beading will wear off. The wood is still protected from rot for a few years. The manufacturer states 5-8 years, but usually the sealer will appear to have worn off after 18 months or so.


A clear sealer will only very slightly change the color of the wood. It may be hard to tell the deck has been sealed unless you sprinkle water on the deck and look for beading.


2. Semi-Transparent stains: These stains look great, provide much better UV protection and will last several years. See the pictures below.  They are available in many natural colors, and are semi-transparent to allow the natural wood grain to show through.


Vertical surfaces such as railing and fences may last 10 years or more, while high traffic areas such as deck flooring will generally begin to wear off after 1-4 years, depending greatly on the conditions of your deck, (moisture, usage, pets, sunlight, etc).


As semi-transparent stains wear off over time, it is fairly simple to lightly re-clean and re-coat the deck with the same product to regularly maintain the nice finish. Ideally every 1-3 years.


3. Solid color stains will appear as a solid color, similar to a paint, but will not peel or chip like paint. They are very durable, and are good for decks with lots of unattractive markings (new wood / old wood) to cover evenly. Solid color stains are also great for houses where a solid contrasting color to the house is desired. Common on front porches, etc.



Tree Branch Trimming

If there are any branch over hanging the gutter or roof that you wished to have cut back we offer that service as well.



Changing out flood lights

We offer the service of changing out flood light bulbs Ask us about this service





Misc. Services


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